• 01Qualify The Property

    We qualify the property to confirm its something our investors will be interested in.
    This is usually done by asking you a series of questions about the property that you are intending to sell.

  • 01Negotiate

    We will negotiate a sale price with you.
    Once accepted, we will then require exclusivity on the property and request for it to be removed from online portals/websites for a period of 10-14 days.

    (This is solely for us to advertise the property to our investors without it being advertised elsewhere.
    Unfortunately without the exclusivity, we can be cut out of the deal as the investors could potentially go directly to you.)

  • 01Market to our investors

    We will market the property to our huge database of investors.
    Our investors are serious buyers who are actively searching for investment properties throughout the UK.
    They already have funds secured and are ready to proceed immediately.

  • 01Arrange a viewing

    Once an investor registers interest, we will then arrange a suitable date & time for them to view the property via yourselves.

    Upon Viewing, if the investor agrees to proceed, we will provide you with all their details.

    You can then commence your usual sales progression.


Thats it. Simple. 

If we successfully sell it for you, Repeat steps 1-4 on further investment deals.

We present a buyer to you. You sell the property. The vendors gets a sale.


Still not sure? See some reviews below from some of the agents we have worked with:

Absolutely loved the service and the speed. We listed a property for sale that didn't attract a real buyer, AgentAid made contact with us and had my property sold in less than 14days, This has been a great result. A primary contact for selling investment deals quick.

Maggie Taylor - JT Rentals

Having had a HMO property on the market for almost 6 months without a sale we were approached by AgentAid who offered to present a buyer within 14 days. Although we had our doubts, AgentAid fulfilled their promise and delivered an investor ready to buy within 8 days. Excellent Service!

Tom Hopkins - Gibbins Richards Estate Agents (Somerset)
Sales Negotiator

AgentAid was very quick to present a buyer for one of our clients HMOs within a quick 72hrs. Looking forward to doing business with them again in the future and now a key contact for us when we get HMO properties for sale.

Claire Manning - Bettermove Estate Agents (Leeds)
Sales Negotiator